Sam Toft

I have always believed that if you want something enough, you can get it. Especially where I live. I do not have to walk miles for water, catch my own food, or fight for my life every day. I don't think I would be any good at that. I think the hardest thing is to decide what you want. After that, getting it is the relatively easy part. I am a great visualiser and a good planner. I am both an eternal optimist and terribly prone to self doubt and depression, yet I have been blessed with this fertile imagination.  And I think, if I can see it, I see no reason why I should not be able to do it. I guess if I wanted to run a marathon I would train every day. And as I wanted to be an artist, I sketched every day.  And as I wanted to make a living from my pictures, I listened to what people wanted, I watched the people whose success I admired, I struggled hard to make my own niche.

Never a day goes by when I do not thank my lucky stars for what I do. I see myself as an incredibly fortunate person. I make my living from drawing a whole bunch of my imaginary friends. I have a lovely home, plenty of good (real!) friends, two gorgeous dogs, a healthy mind (!) and body, and I am a grateful person. In a way it has come full circle. My imagination was something that perhaps set me apart as a child. I found it hard to make friends, and spent so many years inventing them instead!

I have had some lucky breaks along the way, and now have the luxury of only working with people I like, trust and admire. It is always an absolute thrill for me to wander into a small shop in an unknown town and see one of my cards, or walk into a bed and breakfast and see a Mr Mustard poster on the wall. I never tire of that. I'm the one who tidies the card racks and has my photograph taken next to window displays, or in doctors’ waiting rooms, next to my work like a big kid. It's marvellous.

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