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Chloe Holt

“Inspired by the ability to describe and communicate experiences through paint . Connecting directly to the feeling of belonging, both for myself and for the viewer.

The works painting style and subject matter changes constantly as I experience and reflect on the world. Certain elements are always evident in my work - emotive spirit, a sense of passing time and of memory connecting with our deepest contemplative thoughts.

I'm naturally concerned with composition, decomposition, colour and form. I like there to be a rhythm and depth in the painting style which draws your eyes across the surface and excites the eyes and the mind. Translating the energy of the subject through the physicality of mark making and gestures. Beautiful almost perfect compositions admiring and understanding the beauty of life.

I celebrate and understand my medium and how it can inspire the outcome, a fusion of mind and material.

My experience with textiles links directly to my love of tactile works and surfaces, and the notion of portraying the personality of your subject matter."

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