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Lou Harris

Lou’s work celebrates the quirkiness of the North, its community spirit, humour, its love of family and a hard working heritage, its ‘grafters’.


It echoes a working class environment reliant on routine, familiarity and tradition, an environment that is very much still in evidence throughout our region. There is no spin on this ball, it is a celebration of who we are, of how proud we are and of how family matters.


After attaining her degree in fine arts from the University of Staffordshire in 1993 Lou worked and like a lot of young painters waited… in a few short years her paintings and drawings began to find a loyal collector base.

Lou Harris is now a much loved and collected artist. Oil on paper and an unusual application help create an atmospheric rendering of streets, towns and people we feel we know, they create a real sense of a place, and she helps to transport us and our memories to what we feel are familiar streets.

Lou also works to commission, please contact the gallery for more details.

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