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Paul Denham

Paul has been with Gallerina for 18 years. Since then we have enjoyed watching him go from strength to strength. His powerful portraits of Teesdale & Upper Teesdale are more confident & breath taking than ever.


The moorland of Teesdale directly inspires Paul’s work but the gentler aspects of field, meadow and woodland are also present in his paintings. Especially the landscape of Raby Park where he grew up.  

Artists which have continued to influence Paul’s work are John Constable, Norman Ackroyd and Casper David Friedrich's paintings of vast skies above infinite horizons. Also, the more abstract markings and luminosity of Zao Wou-Ki's work.


The paintings start by layering quick, bold markings. These markings are scratched  through similar to weathering and erosion found in the landscapes he explores. Lines are then scored in the paint and draw upon the surface. These linear markings represent the contours of hillsides and the subtle details of stone walls, animal tracks and streams found in Upper Teesdale.

‘My work then evolves over this surface, forming a geology of markings and glazes. The balance of figurative detail and abstract markings capture a fleeting moment, a memory of landscape’.

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