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James Paterson - The Wall!

Anyone who has visited the new gallery or driven past will have seen our amazing painting on the outside wall of the gallery by James Paterson.

James, faced with a huge, blank, rough textured wall and a vague chat from us about what we were thinking for it, came up with a true work of art and he was not one bit fazed by any of it, he went at the project with his usual laid-back calm demeanour!

Lovely Ellen (Our model) was photographed early in 2016 for a portrait commission by James we then asked Ellen if she would be photographed again for a series of paintings he had an idea for as her look and the way she was in front of a camera were perfect, when we asked James to come up with an idea for the wall it was this series of paintings he was working on at the time, it all seemed to fall into place nicely.

On James' first day of painting we 'built' him a tent to work in to protect him (the painting really)! from the elements, James had sunshine, rain & at one point sleet!!

Here is a little 'picture story' of his process

Starting point!


James' lovely model Ellen came to visit & offer her approval !! (shame it was a cloudy day)!

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