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The Light

'The Light' Oil on Canvas by Mark Johnston

The aim of my recent painting 'The Light' is to immerse the viewer in light and colour relating to the coast.

The painting is not tied to the North Sea or the English Channel instead an overall resonance and atmosphere was more important to me.

At only 50cm square the painting is not a massive painting but spirited non the less . In fact the small oil has had an influence on the direction of other works in the studio.

'The Journey Home' is another immersive piece. At 60cm x 75cm it is not huge but has a similar colour starting point.

The paint has been applied with more vigorous brush strokes that are constant with my large ink and oils on paper in Gallerina.

Has the calm romantic painting more beauty to it or has the work with immediate brushwork and vitality got the edge?

I choose both.

Mark Johnston. July 2017

'The Journey Home' Oil on Canvas by Mark Johnston

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