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Introducing...Sam Swales Snowden

We are thrilled to welcome Sam Swales Snowden to Gallerina...........

Sam Swales Snowden studied Fine Art, Painting at Hull School of Art and has

remained in Yorkshire ever since.

Her subject matter alternates back and forth between external landscape and

an internal emotional space, often within the same work. Eventually each

painting becomes a pared down composition of colour and space removed

entirely from any semblance of representation, describing only its own


The 'Bramble Arch' drawings are informed by old English folklore relating to

the healing properties of the arch as an architectural form in nature. Infirm or

afflicted children, even horses were passed under the long arching stems of

the wild bramble. Inspired by such tales, I have become interested in the

ways in which landscape and nature can be the object of projected beliefs

and spiritual ideas.

Another project; MAP documents areas of the landscape which have

emotional resonance. Areas are delineated by line, muted natural palette and

balanced form, designed to reflect the balance of nature and our place in it.

Land and Sea is the placement of oneself into the vast expanse of sea and

the nearby environment. The paintings are developed from sketches done on

the hillside of Runswick bay and Staithes harbour.

Call in to the gallery to see more of Sam's work or contact us on 01325 363635 for more information

All of Sam's work is available on the Own Art scheme at 10 months 0%

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