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Living Magazine

Living magazine featured the gallery in their November issue, we were really thrilled so we thought we would share the article on our news page for those of you who missed it or do not live close enough to grab a copy.

Richard chatted a lot about the gallery in general but he also focused on two of our artists who are from the region.

Firstly Artist Paul Denham

I'm filled with pride whenever the opportunity to talk about Paul And his work arise.

Paul enjoys enormous success, with people having fallen completely for Paul's unique feel for what he shares with us.

Paul’s paintings, the man and his feel for his landscape has, to visitors of the gallery, become an important part of what we do.

A sensitive quiet man, Paul walks alone and has for the whole of his life soaked up the landscape and its moods. He chooses to share with others, as he himself puts it, ‘a memory of landscape'. Not images of places, but feelings created by and of places, atmospheres, light and shadow. He wants us to be moved, to feel the landscape, to travel Beyond our four walls and he wants to create paintings through which our senses can be stirred.

On the back of our own memories of landscapes Paul's work when hung at home can be re-interperated each time you see them, as though we're hanging 1000 paintings on a single hook. Beyond atmospheric I have seen Paul's work completely transform homes in which they are hung. They are an atmosphere before they are an image, knowing that you were in the room with a painting by Paul does not mean that you are busy staring at it, you could feel them the moment you enter.

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