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Living Magazine Part II!

As promised here is a little more from our recent feature in Living Magazine

This time the focusing on James Paterson

James Paterson - Artist

Known widely now, James continues to prove his talent and push his work forward. From his incredible portrait work to his own love affair and passion for found and pop art imagery, James is an incredible talent.

A quiet man he sits at odds with the raw energy and mark-making found within his work. His works are loved by many, collected by many and their homes transformed by his colour and dynamism.

We are proud of James, nothing fazes him, his talent is extraordinary, James has been giving enormous commissions one of which measured over a 12 feet, it did not challenge him in the slightest, the result, a Fabulous portrait which was nothing short of incredible, and his signature high-energy and brave brushwork visible throughout.

A list of commissions always lay ahead in waiting, but his commitment to pushing his work forward never sees him taking anything for granted James's next painting will be his best painting.

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