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A little about......Victoria Graimes

Victoria’s paintings evolve from a charcoal sketch, developing as the paint is applied tonally. Often layers are removed to unveil previous layers and then reworked over time until the painting starts to contain its own weight or presence.Her paintings evoke contemplation of the landscape , light and air . They have an ethereal yet contemporary feel.

Victoria originally studied Mural Design at Chelsea School of Art in 1985. Her interest in surface texture led her to continue her studies in Textile Design at Somerset College where she graduated in 1989.

Her final year show so impressed the David Hicks Interior Design Group, that they purchased the entire show and Victoria became involved in producing artwork for their interior design projects.

She continued to explore a career with interior designers, working in various roles, in-house with Timney Fowler in Chelsea and in 1994, designing backdrops for Louis Vuitton for their Spring shop window display, worldwide. In 1997, Victoria set up Egg & Dart, a Textile Design company selling fashion and furnishing fabric designs, partaking in Premier Vision, Paris and travelling to New York on seasonal selling trips. In 2001 she took time out from the business to raise her two sons, returning to painting in 2007 where she began to develop her work as a fine artist, initially exploring acrylics and finding her unique style when she began to paint in oils. Victoria is now successfully exhibiting her work throughout the UK and her oil paintings are held in collections worldwide.

Victoria's paintings are available from Gallerina, if you would like any more information please call us on

01325 363635 or email us using our 'contact page'

Her work is available using the 'Own Art' scheme which is 0% interest.


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