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A date for the diary........'In-Complete & Unabridged' By James Paterson

We are so thrilled to announce the date for our first show in our new exhibition rooms!

The space opens its doors at 11am on Saturday the 28th October

& will run until 1st December, everyone is welcome

Painting By James Paterson
'The Scarlet Blaze' By James Paterson

'My latest series of work delves into the

captivating realm of old pulp novels,

breathing new life into their vintage

allure. With a bold twist, I’ve recreated

these forgotten treasures on a grand

scale, amplifying the dimensions of the

original books. Each piece bears the

marks of time, deliberately distressed to

convey the weathered charm of well-

worn pages, invoking the essence of old

used books.

The paintings, vivid and provocative,

mirror the lurid aesthetic of classic pulp

fiction. Initially straightforward, the

paintings hide a deliberate irony, they

are conversation starters, hopefully

inspiring deep chats about life’s subtle

complexities, all with a sly wink of

exaggerated charm.

Ultimately, that my works are lived

with and enjoyed by so many is what

makes it so worthwhile, and a privilege.'

James Paterson


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