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A walk with Paul Denham

High Cup Nick

Paul Denham grew up in the idyllic setting of the Raby Estate, this amazing playground mapped his whole life out before him, from an early age Paul has spent most of his time outdoors with nature, surrounded by the beautifully diverse landscape of Teesdale, all of which inspires Paul but it is the open moorland which speaks to him most of all, the big skies, the scarred landscape, be it by man or nature, moves him.

So as you can imagine going for a walk with Paul is a lovely thing to do, maybe too slow going for some, nothing goes unnoticed, it's not a 'head down lets crack off 20 miles in 4 hours' affair! It is more about taking in all there is to offer maybe sitting a while to wait for the clouds to break and change the view completely....

Paul brings it all home to his studio that feeling the landscape brings, the distant hills shrouded in mist, the stream cutting through the vast space or the tarn and rocks he sat by


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